The Director of the company has over 22 years of specialist Town & Country Planning experience of which 9 years working in various local government planning authorities throughout London. Almost all potential works will have Planning or Building Regulations implications. Planning & Projects will carefully navigate you through all the statutory requirements to help ensure the preferred design is accepted and approved.

Planning & Projects has an outstanding track record in successful negotiations with the planning and other council departments. We will ensure your statutory obligations are handled, communication is speeded up, confusion is eliminated, and perhaps most importantly, you get the design you ultimately want.

We can examine the viability of demands for Section 106 contributions by local planning authorities and can also carry out calculations to establish whether a development will be liable for CIL (Community Infrastructure Levy).

In the case of a planning application being refused, the company specialises in planning appeals and a well written appeal statement can be lodged on your behalf to deal with an unfair decision.